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Strong Protection and Guidance for Your Divorce

There is a great deal at stake in divorce, from your future finances to the well-being of your children. You will face difficult decisions and many unknowns, making the process stressful and overwhelming.

When you work with me at my law firm, Douglas G. Mercier, PA, you have a seasoned attorney on your side to problem-solve these issues and protect your interests. I handle contested and uncontested divorces in the Jackson metro area, helping my clients confidently move forward with their life.

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Identifying the Issues and Exploring Solutions

I offer 25-plus years of experience in civil litigation, including Mississippi family law. Those insights help me get to the heart of disputes and resolve them in a way that is amenable to both parties. I can knowledgeably address all facets of divorce:

  • Equitable division of marital property

  • Responsibility for joint debts and loans

  • What do to with the family home

  • Child custody and shared parenting

  • Spousal support (alimony) if applicable

I am equipped to handle the most complex and high-asset divorces, such as the valuation of closely-held businesses and investigations to discover hidden assets. But I welcome people of any means who need savvy legal representation, whether you have been married for two years or two decades.

Get Close Support for Resolving Your Divorce

The goal is not to simply survive divorce. I help you clarify your goals and create a vision for your life after divorce, from financial stability to co-parenting. As an experienced lawyer, I can help you choose your battles and protect your interests when court proceedings are necessary.

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