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The Right Defense for White Collar Crimes

Fraud and other “white collar” offenses are usually charged as felonies. A conviction may carry prison time and the mere accusation can ruin a person’s reputation and future prospects.

At my law firm, Douglas G. Mercier, PA, I represent medical professionals, managers, executives, bookkeepers, business owners and others in Mississippi who are accused of white-collar offenses. In my work as a criminal defense lawyer, I use my 25-plus years of legal experience to resolve your case as quickly and discreetly as possible while shielding you from the harshest consequences.

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Fraud and White Collar Offenses

White Collar Criminal Cases often fall into one of these categories::

  • Health care fraud

  • Embezzlement and employee theft

  • Forgery

  • Securities fraud

  • Tax evasion/tax fraud

  • Internet crimes

  • Identity theft and credit card fraud

  • Wire fraud/mail fraud

These are complex cases often based on emails, texts, phone calls and other electronic trails. I conduct a thorough investigation and explore all appropriate defenses. Was there an actual crime or financial loss? Was there criminal intent or is there an honest explanation? Did others have access to your accounts or a motivation to point the finger at you? Did law enforcement overstep its bounds in surveillance, search or seizure?

A Proactive but Low-Profile Approach

Many of my clients are high-profile individuals whose reputations would be damaged. I take prompt action to keep my clients’ names out of the media, if possible, and intervene with the prosecutor to see if the charges can be dropped or reduced to a lesser offense. Some of my white-collar clients are health care professionals who could lose their licenses.

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