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Drug Charge and DUI Defense Attorney Serving the Jackson, Mississippi Metro Area

Trustworthy Drug Charge Defense in the Jackson Metro Area

Drug charges can affect your employment, and cause lasting consequences. If you are charged with a drug crime you need a skilled attorney to win your case. If there is an opportunity to get your case dismissed or downgraded I will fight for you and your rights. If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug offense contact me today to discuss how we can build a solution for your future.

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Aggressive DUI Defense in The Madison, Rankin and Hinds Area

An arrest for drunk driving can lead to jail time, license suspension, major fines and many collateral consequences. But, you are not convicted of anything yet. With an aggressive defense lawyer, you may be able to avoid the worst penalties or beat the charges entirely.

My law firm, Douglas G. Mercier, PA, defends people accused of DUI. I will make every effort to prevent this incident from ruining your future.

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DUI Charges Demand Skilled Representation

Even a first offense of driving under the influence carries serious penalties in Mississippi. For starters, there are two parts to your case – the criminal charges and the administrative suspension of your driver’s license. I can represent you in both proceedings to protect against a conviction and to salvage your driving privileges.

I have handled multiple DUI scenarios. DUI-related charges run the gambit from:

  • First-time DUI

  • Second-offense DUI (within five years)

  • Third or fourth DUI (felony)

  • Child endangerment (DUI with a child under 16 in the car)

  • Aggravated DUI (causing serious injury or death)

  • Commercial driver DUI (.04 blood alcohol)

  • Underage DUI (.02 blood alcohol)

  • Breath test refusal (automatic license suspension)

  • Driving after license suspended for DUI

Avoiding the Harshest DUI Penalties

The penalties for a conviction depend on the circumstances. A first offense of DUI is punishable by a fine plus court costs, days in jail or attending a victim impact panel, alcohol education, probation and license suspension. Mississippi does not have a work permit or “hardship” license, but you may be allowed to drive after having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle.

" You have a limited number of days to save your license! You must request a hearing within a limited number of days of arrest to challenge your license suspension. This is separate from the criminal case. "

I understand the law and how to challenge DUI arrest. Did the officer have reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop? Was the field sobriety test the main basis for the arrest, and was it conducted properly? Were you read your rights? As your defense attorney, I will exhaust every avenue to dismiss the case or downgrade the charges. If you are prosecuted, I am prepared to go to trial to make the government prove its case.

Don’t Let a DUI Arrest Dictate Your Future

I will personally meet with you and handle your case from start to finish. For a free initial consultation, contact me today.