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Helping You Recover Damages Caused By A Serious Personal Injury

You can count on my law firm, Douglas G. Mercier, PA, if you have been injured by someone’s negligence or recklessness. My job is to identify the party or parties responsible and hold them accountable for your injuries and losses.

At every step of the legal process, I will maintain the objective of maximizing your compensation. I have more than 25 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death, with numerous multi-million recoveries for my clients.

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Experience Matters When Fighting For Compensation

I am not afraid to take on big companies, manufacturers, insurance companies, trucking companies or other entities who are responsible for your injuries and damages. I oversee a thorough investigation to establish liability and aggressively pursue justice, in or out of court. I have experience with the full range of personal injury cases, including:

Caring And Committed Representation

The damages in a personal injury case should reflect your physical injuries, psychological damage, financial hardships, personal suffering and future needs. I document your injuries and recovery to make sure that your compensation covers lost wages and future earnings, medical bills and future medical care, pain and suffering, and any lasting disability or disfigurement. I have handled major injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and severe burns.

My background in health care law enables me to understand the details of the harm that can come to a loved one as a result of nursing home abuse. Since I have extensive experience in the health care field,  I am able to evaluate medical evidence and calculate just compensation for your loved one’s injuries or illnesses caused by someone’s neglect, whether it’s a bed sore (decubitus ulcer), a medication error, malnutrition of your loved one, broken bones from a fall or serious, unexplained bruises

If you are concerned about the safety of someone in a nursing home, contact me for a free initial and confidential consultation about his or her situation.

I work hard to position you for a good settlement, but I am also a veteran trial lawyer, prepared to go to court to fight for the full compensation you deserve.

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You only have one chance to be fully compensated for your injuries. My experienced and compassionate representation is devoted to your recovery from a serious or life-changing accident. For a free initial consultation, call my Jackson Metro office at 601-977-0600 or contact me online.